Unfortunately I don’t. But for real, some of the Chinese people I met are happy eating food with bones every day. They even tend to compare themselves with dogs, but trust me I have never seen a dog suck a bone this clean.


One good example: chicken feet (yes you are reading it correctly). The first time they introduced me to chicken feet I actually thought they were quite tasty. The only thing was, in the time that they ate 3 of them (and sucked the bones completely clean), I was still in the middle of my first foot. Apparently, I don’t have sharp teeth. So my problems started already soon in the process, cutting trough the muscle and whatever else is in a foot to actually get to the bone was not that easy. Next to that it seems I’m not good in eating the entire thing: after the damage is done (and as you learn in China, the remainders are being spit out on the table) you see their remainders are shiny clean, while my remainders still contain about half of the eatable parts of the foot. And while I’m concentrating on my chicken foot and trying to get through one, the rest of the people are eating all the other (extremely tasty) dishes. So usually I end up eating only one chicken foot and some rice.


Now the weirdest part about me eating chicken feet is that the first time I ate one I liked it, but the more they offer them, the more uncomfortable I feel. I mean it is a chicken foot, with nails and everything still attached, now try to eat something like that without thinking twice. Next to that, chickens have massive feet in this country, and when you see those huge feet it just doesn’t make sense to put one in your mouth and start to break bones with your teeth. And although, I’m open for new things I think that the next time I stick to the other dishes.


So when you visit China make a mental note: definitely try new things, even when they look funny and are totally unconventional. But when you see that it has a lot of bone breaking and sucking to it (and you are still an amateur), first eat some of the other dishes, otherwise you end up hungry.


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