Its one of the questions I get asked the most.. “is it really as cheap in Thailand as people say?” My answer is a bit of a mix, in most ways it is dirt cheap but that depends on how you live and what you like!

Whether you’re moving here to work, traveling or popping over for a quick holiday, it’s important to know how much to budget and a rough idea of how much you should pay for things.

Average Weekday Essentials
Item Price Quantity Total
Transport to/from work (MRT) 22฿ 2 44฿
Breakfast – Fresh fruit or a yoghurt 20฿ 1 20฿
Lunch – Salad or street food 35฿ 1 35฿
Dinner – Home cooked meal or street food + non-alcoholic drink 50฿ 1 50฿
Total     149฿


So that’s the bare essentials if you wanna know what you can survive on out here. This is what you can live off, and around 2-3 days a week I live off this amount! Only 149฿ thats around £2.96 or $4.75(USD).

But let’s be honest you don’t wanna live on the bare minimum everyday so how much are the extras? All the little things that make your day/week complete.

Food/Meals Price
Dinner in a proper restaurant (Thai food) 100฿
Dinner in a proper restaurant (Western food) 200-400฿
BBQ Buffet // Sushi buffet // Hotpot Buffet (All you can eat!) 200-400฿
Drinks from a street vendor (Iced/hot..Coffee, Tea, Coco, etc) 20฿
Drinks in a café (Iced/hot..Coffee, Tea, Coco, etc) 80฿
Alcohol: Spirit and mixer/beer 100-200฿
Alcohol: Bucket of spirit and mixer on Khoasan rd! 200-300฿
Alcohol: Cocktails in a upmarket/rooftop bar 350-450฿
Alcohol: Bottle of Whiskey/vodka in a club/bar 800-1,200฿
Alcohol: Bottle of Whiskey/vodka in a supermarket 160-400฿
Tops/Vests/T-shirts 100-200฿
Trousers/Shorts/Dresses 100-500฿
Sunglasses 50-300฿
Random stuff
Cinema 100-200฿
Public buses in Bangkok 7฿
VIP buses around Thailand (e.g. Bangkok to Chiang Mai) 700-1,200฿


Obviously i live here, i speak some Thai and I know my way around which helps with getting things for this price, but you should have too many problems getting things for the same price if you stick to you guns, bargain and generally avoid tourist traps! All this info is based on Bangkok by the way!

UPDATE: Accommodation.

Now i think accommodation is a bit of a tricky one, you can find some pretty cheap hostels on Khaosan road but they are mostly pretty shitty and if you dont want to stay in the Khoasan area prices rise pretty quickly.

Type of accommodation Price
Dorm bed in a hostel starts from around 350฿ +
Khaosan Area – Double hotel room starts from around 500฿ +
Central city area – Double hotel room starts from around 1,000฿ +

This is bare minimum and the start price for accommodation, at certain time is impossible to find anything this low for example during major holidays/festivals likewise sometimes you can find a real bargin (Try Agoda for the best deals)! So enough about hotels, what about if you are living here.. im by no means an authority on this but ill let you know the accommodation that ive found while Ive lived here to give you an idea:

Type of accomdation Minimum contract Price
Horrible studio, no windows, no balcony, no kitchen but hot water and central location. (Area: Phloen Chit) 3-6 months (depending in your bargaining skills) 5,000 pcm
Nice 1 bed studio, no garden, gym or pool, very basic kitchen area, balcony. (Area: Chong Nonsi) 1 month 10,000 pcm
Nice 2 bed apartment, with kitchen and lounge, fully furnished, swimming pool and gym. (Shared with 1 other person) Area: Asok 12 months 11,500 pcm/pp


These are the places I’ve stayed the thing with accommodation in Thailand is that they really don’t do short rental periods its incredibly hard to find anywhere that will give you a contract for less than 1 year and if they will you pay a much higher price for it. As long as your prepared to sign a years contract I think you can get accommodation at a bargain price.

Cant find any pics of my old apartments but this is the latest one (the 12 months min, 11,500pcm)



Have you visited Thailand? Do you agree with the prices? Or do you want to know how much something in particular costs here? Let me know in the comments below!