One of my favourite desserts in Thailand is butter bread, traditionally coated in sugar or condensed milk, but there are a whole variety of flavours.

Mont Nom Sod (roughly translatable to: Fresh Milk Mont) is as far as im concerned a must-see in Bangkok, especially if you are staying in the Khosan area as it’s just around the corner. It’s the most famous butter bread shop in Thailand and lots of Thai celebrities and even the king have eaten there.

What do they serve at Mont Nom Sod?

Butter bread, butter bread and more butter bread. It comes with a whole choice of topping including: condensed milk, marmalade, coconut custard, pandan custard, chocolate, sweetcorn custard, peanut butter and two extra sepcial falvours only served once on particular days: taro  on Mondays and pumpkin once a month on full moon day.

Plain butter bread with sugar is 13 baht (£0.26/$0.42)

All other toppings are 20 baht (£0.40/$0.64)

Traditionally along side your toast you’ll have some iced sugar milk, but they also have other regular café drinks like hot/iced: milk, coffee, chocolate, tea etc.

Tip: You que separately for your toast and drinks, so if there are two of you split up and tackle a que each.

Do they speak English?

No, not really i don’t think they get many foreign customers so the staff tend not to speak any English, but everything had a number which they should recognise or you can mime with you fingers! The drinks menu is also number the only issue is once you’ve chosen a number you have to specify Hot/Cold so here’s how:

Hot: Roarn
Cold: Yen

How to get to Mont Nom Sod?

The physical address is 160/2-3 Dinso Road, it’s just a 10 min walk from the original burger king end of Khaosan (opposite end to Chakkrapongse road). Here’s a map with directions from Khaosan.

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