This watch is awesome! Such a brilliant idea, basically you turn the bezel around and it switches to different time zones, its ingenious and so useful when your travelling a lot and get bored of resetting your watch each time.

The watch is solid and feels like it could take quite a bit of backpacking before it gave out and comes in a whole load of different colours. The only down point for me is that I have tinee tiny wrists and its a bit bulky for me, the watch dwarfs my wrists a bit. If your a bloke (or have regular sized wrists) it should be fine and dandy!

(Before you ask, no that is not my arm… I’m not that hairy, my brother kindly modelled it for me!)

Check it out in action, if you want one you can get one at if you know a backpacker lad this has got to be the perfect Christmas present!


**By the way, im not getting paid for this review. I just think its an awesome product!