1. Universal Orlando

It’s the biggest universal park on earth! Admission includes unlimited access to Universal Studios Florida where you can ride the Transformers ride, get dizzy with despicable me minions mayhem, ride the rip ride rocket and sample the men in black alien attack for yourself!  Admission also includes access to Universals islands of adventure which is packed full of award winning roller coasters and attractions such as The Amazing Spider-man, Jurassic Park River Adventure and The Incredible Hulk Ride. Go to Universal Orlando with FloridaTix, to get added bonuses likes not queuing for hours on the day and making huge savings by buying combi passes to other attractions in Florida.


2. Cumberland Island

Okay so not technically in Florida but it is pretty damn close! Its Georgia’s largest barrier isle and no cars are permitted.There is a whole tonne of stuff to see here, including ruins and wildlife. The island is easily accessible via ferry boat, which runs twice a day and has gotta be worth the drive! Once there you can hit the beach where you can relax, swim or search for sharks teeth, (Dont worry its totally safe to swim in the waters!) or have a picnic at the Plum Orchid Mansion.

3.Disney Land

You can’t really come all the way to Florida and not check out Disney land, even if it’s just for a day you’ve gotta meet Mickey and Mini and check out some of the rides.  Walt Disney land comprises 24 themed resorts, 4 theme parks including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Ctudios and Animal Kingdom and 2 water parks, plus a whole host of activities so you’re guaranteed not to be bored!

4. Blue Springs

Blue Springs national park covers over 2,600 acres, you can cool off with a dip in a crystal clear spring, or visit the areas that are designate for Manatees, although you are not allowed to swim in these parts of interact with the Manatees. These fascinating creates are defiantly worth seeing up close. You can also Kayak through the waters or take a walk along the boardwalk, go snorkeling, or fishing and if you’re feeling adventurous you can even try SCUBA diving.You can even paddle over to Hontoon Island state park, and there are a total of 51 available camp-sites so you’re bound to find somewhere to stay.

5. Everglades

If you’re still wanting to see more wildlife in the area the best place to head for is the Everglades, a natural tropical wetland. You can camp out, visit the alligator farm to see some real life aligators, take a legendary air boat tour, or take a buggy tour and experiences wildlife and adventure at the same time, witness the boggy swamps coming to life with wildlife.Its not just alligators you can see here, but numerous species of birds and small mammals including the grey fox, dear and manatees.


Photo credit: Esther Lee, Flickr