London is somewhat of a Mecca for shoppers from across the globe, and London fashion week has helped to cement the city as one of the style capitals of the world. Over the years many big fashions have emerged from London that have then swept the rest of the world, this includes such iconic items such as the mini skirt, as invented by Mary Quant in the city. It is no surprise therefore that the shops in the UKs capital are plentiful and that there is something to suit everyone’s taste.


It’s not just clothes that shoppers venture to London for, the Imelda Marcos wannabes head here too, to grow their collection of shoes even further. When coming to London on a shopping spree you can extend your trip by staying at the new Travelodge hotel by Clapham Junction. You can get a lot more bargain hunting done in two days rather than one and with all these shoe shops to investigate you need as much time as possible.


Harrods Shoe Salon

Harrods is one of the iconic department stores that London does so well. It is probably the most well known of these and caters to the rich and famous as well as those just in search of the luxury brands. The Shoe Salon is just as glamorous as any other section in the store and is a massive network of departments and brands situated on gold lined marble floors. Harrods stock all the big names in footwear and if you have cash to splash you can go home with a pair of genuine Louboutins.


Kurt Geiger Slightly more modestly priced, but still one of the grails of the shoe world is Kurt Geiger. Their London branch is located in Covent Garden and as it is their flagship store it is immaculately presented as you might expect. Their own brands are the traditional Kurt Geiger, the slightly more playful and young KG, and they now have a range of accessories as well as shoes. In the London store you will find Prada and Marc Jacobs too, so shoe lovers should definitely pop in and see what it’s all about.


Selfridges Shoe Gallery

The six galleries and 11 boutiques that comprise Selfridges Shoe Gallery live on the second floor of this giant department store. This is the biggest shoe gallery in the world and caters for everyone. It has everything from trainers and skate shoes, to high-end designer killer heels, and everything in between. Massively acclaimed for its presentation and customer service you can spend hours just wandering around this massive footwear department. If you ever manage to get to the end of the shoe section you can explore some of the rest of this fabulous London department store, which has under its roof everything you can imagine.


Whether you like your flats or your stilettos, your trainers or your Jimmy Choos, there is something in London for all tastes and all budgets. Enjoy some of the cities amazing shoe shops on an extended shopping trip to the capital.