So this morning started pretty standard, the last few days i’ve seen this flying around:


They asked some Brits to name the states of the USA, and this is what happened. You can see more here.

When i saw this i figured yup i probably couldn’t place more than 3 state correctly on the map, slight shame but yeah i doubt many Americans could place all the countys in Britain either!

Then in banterous retaliation this was posted:


Now for the shame, i was surprised at how few of the countries i could place on the map myself. You can see more of the hilarious maps here.

Anyway this all got me thinking (and largely blaming my geography teachers) about how much i knew of the world in general so i did a quick google search and found this quiz. Time for more shame, i only got 63/196. Doh.. i have to note that part of this is due to the fact i cannot spell for toffee, if i know a country exists but i cant spell it (portigal, tahjikistan, uzbeckistan, papa new ginea, the list goes on) does it count? Not on this test!

So the long and short of this is a new bucket list aim number 89: Learn the name of every country in the world. I’m gonna take a slight short cut and say only sovereign nations count, as 196 is by far enough i don’t need to be adding on anything to that! The target is to do this by Xmas 2013 which gives me just under 1 month.

What did you score on the test? Any advice to help me learn the names? Want to join the challenge? Comment below!