Icelandic Bar in Reykjavik is one of my fondest food-travel memories, we sheltered from a snow storm in there and ended up liking it so much we went back the next day! Its cozy and warm inside and  service was friendly.

Most inciting thought was the menu and the very reasonable price, although dinner was a fair whack more the lunch we ate came to much less than we expected.

One the menu is a whole range of Icelandic food, with everything from lobster chowder, fresh fish, meats they even have reindeer, whale and puffin on the menu! They also have a menu of ‘jars’ which are small portions of items from the menu and that what we started with, it was a great way to try lots of things at once, abit like Icelandic tapas! We also tried lots of other stuff of the menu and they had a great lunch deal of main and soup of the day with fresh bread for just £5. Here’s there full menu

Every single thing we tried here was amazing, from the jars to the reindeer burger down to the brownie for dessert. The only exception perhaps being Brennivin, while is a famous Icelandic spirit we opted to try a shot off, this is the before and afters…

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Okay so apart from the Brennivin i hope ive enticed you to try this place, but Where is Icelandic bar (Íslenski Barinn)?