I’ve written before about some amazing deals of cheap flights within Europe, remember those £7 flights to Barcelona! But a few years on and it’s getting harder and harder to bag those amazingly cheap deals, especially when you factor in credit card charges, getting to the airport, baggage etc.

I remember going on a university ski trip to France, it was something like a ridiculous 18 hour coach journey and let’s be honest I was bored out of my mind, in a tiny cramped and uncomfortable seat. I’m not in any rush to repeat that journey. But that’s where iDBUS Coach trips come in, they’re buses focus on comfort:

-They have fewer seats so there’s load more space between seats
-Seats can be expanded laterally to give you more space
-All seats recline and are adjustable
-Electrical sockets in each row so you can keep all your electronics topped up, major bonus for me as nothing makes a journey go quicker than watching a movie on my laptop! (Just don’t forget your adapter.)
-Free Wifi!


By the time you’ve factored in the time you would have wasted travelling to the airport, checking in, waiting in departures and arrivals, the coach only takes a few hours longer and it’s definitely a hell of a lot cheaper!

So where can you go with iDBUS? Here’s a quick run down of their routes:

Map Anglais

Whether you’re popping away for a weekend in Paris, or travelling Europe the buses are a great way to travel around and of course if you take a night bus you save on accommodation!

Even the price is right, with iDBUS London to Paris at the Mini Price of £35. Prices are released and stay the same until they are sold out, so if you’re looking at travelling last min or booking well in advance you’ll pay the same!


As if you weren’t convinced already, they also have great group save options: