Paris and London are both synonymous with fashion, shops and culture and both have countless attractions and experiences for tourists and residents to pass the time. Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of interest from people on both sides of the Channel in visiting the two capitals and there are more ways than ever before of travelling from London to Paris or vice versa.

The quickest way in terms of journey time is to fly, though remember to add in time spent getting to the airport, checking in and going through security to your overall travel time when calculating how long it will take you to reach your destination. Flights are often expensive, particularly if you book with late notice. Trains are also quick, leaving London and arriving in Paris in approximately two hours, but the cost is often prohibitive.

Coach travel is a viable alternative to driving between the two capitals because it can work out less expensive than it would cost to take your own car, taking into account petrol costs, insurance premiums to cover European travel and European breakdown cover. It also removes the stress that you might otherwise experience driving through or around these large cities – many people find the idea of driving on the right a daunting prospect.

Coach travel can be very cheap. One company offers seats for less money than it would cost you to cross London by tube, but it is very much a no-frills experience. Considering that a coach trip from London to France can take up to nine hours, you would have to think very carefully before sacrificing comfort to save a few pounds!

iDBUS coach travel hits a good middle ground. It is far less expensive than other ways of making the same journey but it also offers a comfortable way to get there. They have plenty of leg and elbow room so you can stretch out and enjoy your journey and arrive relaxed and stress-free. They also have free on-board Wi-Fi and plug sockets so you can keep in touch through the internet or just watch your favourite films online to while away the hours.

With iDBUS You don’t have to book in advance or wait until the last minute to get the best prices for your journey: the prices stay the same no matter when you book. iDBUS takes you to Paris Bercy or London Victoria Coach Station, which are both right in the centre of their respective cities, or you can get dropped off at the Charles de Gaulle airport if you prefer.

If you are travelling on a budget but still want to reach your destination in comfort then iDBUS coach travel is ideal. You can even time your journey (thanks to their frequent daily departures) so that you travel overnight, arriving with iDBUS London to Paris (and vice-versa) in the morning. The reclining seats and comfortable temperatures offer the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep so that you are ready to start your holiday from the moment you step off the coach.