New Year’s resolutions range from the minor like eating less chocolate, to the potentially life changing such as giving up smoking. One such life changing decision is the choice to be that bit more careful with your hard earned cash and make the coming year that bit more prosperous. Whether you have something big you are saving for like a new car or the deposit for a house, or simply want to live a little more comfortably, then the 1st January is a great time to start.


Getting on top of your finances is a lot to do with cut backs, but the real success is doing this without feeling any difference to your lifestyle. This might sound impossible, but it is actually very achievable if you are smart about the areas you are saving money from. In order to do this you first need to look at all your outgoings and work out if there is anything you pay for that you don’t need. For example you might have satellite TV but only ever watch the freeview channels, or you may be paying for more minutes on your mobile than you need. These should be the first things to go as you won’t miss them at all.


Secondly look at the things you do use, such as power and luxury bills and work out if you could be spending less. Speak to your utility providers and shop around for discounts on these and luxury items. Whilst you might think that luxuries should be cut out all together when on a budget, this isn’t the case as there are always cheaper ways to have the best. A holiday for example, isn’t off the cards if you shop around for cheap hotels with a provider like Hotels4U. Equally shopping and day trips can be inexpensive if you look online for vouchers and special offers.


Your 2014 could be the year you turn your finances around, but you can do it without feeling like you’re making cutbacks. Think about every expense you have and decide whether it’s worth it, and then see if you can make it any cheaper. Sort out your finances and make your New Year’s resolution one that makes a big difference for the long term.