So taking a break for my normal backpacker lifestyle, I did something thats been on my bucket list for a long old time: Fly business Class.

I was heading back from Bangkok to the UK for christmas so caught a cheap flight to Hong Kong with Air asia, and then a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong direct to London.

So what do you get in business class that you dont get in economy? Well its a long old list:

At the airport: Priority check in, airport lounge with free wifi, bar, buffet of food and in HK lounge a noodle bar, priority track boarding, priority disembarking, priority immigration, priority luggage.

On-board: A fully adjustable and reclining seat (so you can actually lay down completely flat), a proper duvet/quilt and pillow, a large TV with a ridiculously large choice of entertainment options, a wash bag with travel size items you might need on the flight, 4 course meals (And these aren’t your average airplane meals, these are perfectly cooked restaurant quality meals, imagine an M&S advert and you’ll get the picture.. This isn’t just food, this is businessssss class food), drinks (lots of them, champaign before you even take off, high quality spirits, cocktails and wines throughout the flight!)

Throughout one of the most distinguishable things between economy and business was the service, in business the service was insanely good, each of the cabin crew knew your name and even seems to know what you wanted before you asked for it, and nothing was too much trouble. Most of all it was service with a smile and the most seemingly genuinely nice cabin crew i’ve ever met!

Now i’ always thought that the difference between an economy or business flight cant possibly justify the difference in price, i was totally wrong. The price might be near enough 10 times higher than an economy class ticket, but the service, comfort and food is way beyond 10 times as good as in economy, that being said, its still not something I’d be willing to pay for full price and outright unless i was super super rich! However if you have airmiles or are able to bid on a good deal for business class seat, it is well worth doing even just once or twice on those epic long flights that really take it out of you. Want to know how to bid of cheap business class seats? I suggest you head over to Flashpacker family to check out their guide!