If your inside or outside Thailand and wondering what the hell is going on and why.. here a quick run down, none of the articles linked to represent my opinion it is purely a list of resources and information.


Photo © @Eddy_TRnews, Twitter


What’s going on right now? How can i keep up to date with the situation?

TVJAA– Stream live footage of the protests, please note this channel is controlled by the protesting group.

Richard Barrow – Follow Richard Barrow on Twitter for a constant stream of updates, also he replies to questions so if your unsure of something hit him up!

Siam Voices – Check out Siam Voices feed, when stuff starts kicking off they are a reliable source of live updates and translate some major announcements from Thai to English for you.

What are the protests about?

Thai Visa – What are the protests about, Who are the competing protest groups, Possible results, Army intervention.

Reuters – Thai protesters step up campaign to oust government

VOA News – What are Sutheps demands?

BBC News – Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts profiles

Whats the history of protests/coups/riots in Thailand?

Thai Visa – Key dates in Thailand’s political chrisis (2006-present).

BBC news – Q & A Thailand’s Protests

 CNN IReport – An interesting look at who the Red shirts are, why they are pro Thaksin