I’ve always really wanted to go on holidays to Bulgaria, it’s just one of those places for me.

One of the most attractive things about Bulgaria for me is it seems like one of those places that is still slightly more unexplored than some places on the tourist trail, i feel like you could go there and completely lose yourself in the country if you wanted to. Sometimes as your backpacking you feel like all you do is meet people from everywhere except the country you’re in! So it’s a bonus these days if you can find a country where if you choose to go beyond the main destinations you can find anywhere that is less packed with tourists. So although I’m sure Bulgaria is anything but ‘undiscovered’, its definitely looking like less of a tourist trap than the rest of the world so far!


Food food and more food, food is probably one of the biggest reasons I travel, and my rating of a trip is always partly based on my experience with the food. So yes I’m a fatty, I mean foodie 😉 for me there’s nothing more satisfying than spending hours cooking something with local produce and sitting down to an amazing meal! Bulgaria is famed for ‘farm to table’ with each house producing a large percentage of their food and wine themselves, along with some trading between families they end up a whole lot more self-sufficient than those of us dependent on large supermarket chains! This kind of food is readily available and also very cheap in Bulgaria, I can’t wait to get over there and try it!


Okay so im all up for some culture and some food but im also a big fan of the beach, and Bulgaria’s beaches along the black sea coast are supposed to be stunning, with wide and long sweeping beaches all along the coast line you can take your pick of resorts! With beers from 60-1.50 BGL (£0.25-0.65 / $0.40-1.00) its sure to be a pretty awesome beach holiday!

Relaxing on the beach in summer is all well and good but there’s also a tonne of good hiking spots across Bulgaria, lots of trails have a network of huts that you can book into so there no need to bring or carry about lots of heavy camping gear and you can focus on the stunning scenery instead!