So here’s the top 5 things i find myself missing while i’m away:

1. Food: Lets face it if I didn’t include food as a whole category here this would just be a list of 5 foods!! So top ones i miss are: Cheese,  Roast dinners, Bread, slow cooked meals! Most of these you can get in Thailand but they are normally poor quality, hard to find and expensive!

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2. Duvet: I love the heat in Thailand, but at night there’s nothing as comfy as getting into bed with a huge fluffy quilt.

3. Obviously all my family and friends and dog: I’m really close with my family and I have a really good group of friends back home that I miss, most of whom I’ve known since I was about 4, luckily for me one of my best mates has moved out to Thailand so now I have one less person to miss!!

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4. TV: Yup, that’s pretty sad but I miss being able to turn on the tv and watch crap without having to decide what i want to watch, does that make sense?!

5. Baking: Ovens aren’t common in Thailand, we have a lil toaster oven but its tiny and not very good a keeping a level temp, we also have none of the utensils etc i’m used to using (i.e i end up mixing cake batter in a saucepan with a fork!!) got some fancy new utensils for christmas this year though so im excited to put them into action! In comparison when I come home I get to use my parents kitchen which is fully equipt with every kind of kitchen gadget under the sun!!

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What do you miss the most about home? Leave your comments below!