Last week I wrote a post about what I miss about the UK while I’m away, so I figured I’d do a counter post for what I miss about Thailand when I’m away.

Food: Although im always glad to get stuck into some English pub grub while I’m home, I still miss Thai food and iced drinks loads!


Money: When I’m away from Thailand I generally miss all that extra cash that isn’t filling my wallet anymore, everything seems expensive after living in Thailand and I miss the £1 meals and insanely cheap drinks!

Weather: Durh! Course when I’m trying to shelter from the wind and rain, trying to avoid the puddles or trying to push my umbrella back into shape I am always thinking of the 32 degrees of blazing sunshine it normally is in Thailand.

Fweinds: Enough said really, I miss the old get togethers and the constant events which just don’t really seem to happen in the UK!

Pool Partys: Saturday or Sunday most weekends, hungover or not are always pool parties. Sunshine, swimming, music, beers and banter, what more can you want in life!