The thought of flying with a baby or toddler strikes fear into the hearts of many a parent. It doesn’t have to be the traumatic experience we all imagine it to be however. A few tips that may come in handy are:

Book into an Airport Hotel

Start the holiday as you mean to go on. Booking a night in an airport hotel, such as the hotels near Dublin Airport, can get your holiday off to a great start. For the little ones the adventure begins early. For you it means no rushing to get to the airport the morning of your flight, plus a relaxing nights sleep to boot.

Making Baby Comfortable

There’s nothing worse than a crying baby or toddler to stress mum and dad out. So make sure you do everything possible to ensure he or she will be comfortable for the journey. Change nappies on arrival at the airport and just before you board the plane.

Feed your little one at the airport. Ensuring they are full before boarding will ensure they aren’t crying because they’re hungry. You can even pre book formula and baby food at some airports to collect once you’re through security.

Remember the inside of the aircraft will be quite cool. Pack a small blanket and dress your little one in layers to prevent them getting cold.

Even if it isn’t baby’s normal time for a bottle, ensure your little one has a drink during take off and landing to prevent pain in their ears.

Keeping Entertained

A bored child is an unhappy child. Pack a few favourite toys and perhaps drawing books and pencils, or a tablet loaded with apps, videos and games for slightly older children.

By following these few simple steps you can easily turn the flight into an enjoyable part of the holiday instead of a prospect to be apprehensive of. And save on the moans of your fellow passengers too!