There are lots of questions flying about as to whether Bangkok is a safe location to come to lately. Its not really safe to say whether it is safe or not at this point, however Thailand is a big place and there are lots of good connections straight out of Bangkok to other areas. If you are coming to and staying in Bangkok here what you should do to stay safe.

1. Basically hang off @richardbarrow‘s every word! (No joke, he’s has some of the clearest fastest sources of info about!) Check out his tweets in the AM before leaving your hotel and check again throughout the day to keep updated throughout.
2. Check out this map of protest sites, and avoid them like the plague!
3. Dont book a hotel in or near any of the protest sites (Durhhhh)
4. Do not walk through or around the protest sites, they look harmless sure, they look like a market full of people dancing but grenades and bullets don’t discriminate between dancers, protesters, tourists or children.  Dont do it, just dont!

5. It’s still safe to access malls such as MBK, Central world etc as long as you do so directly from the skytrain via the skywalk entrances to the malls, do not go down to street level.
6. Do not talk about politics or the protests in any public areas, your views are not appreciated and could get you in trouble at the wrong time and place.

Violence has been escalating with gunfire and grenades everyday day for the last 4-5 days (as of 26/02/14) so if you don’t feel confident navigating around the protests or you want a stress free holiday, it best to head elsewhere because Bangkok is not where you will find it right now! I’d encourage you not to skip Thailand but just to avoid Bangkok, lots of other provinces are beautiful and peaceful and you can transfer directly from the airport!