Does travel make for a successful relationship or does travel have no bearing on your relationship, some would even say the opposite: that travel has a negative effect on your relationship!

Traveling; whether together or apart can really make or break your relationship. It can definitely affirm that you are meant for each other; on the other hand it can also affirm that you really aren’t mean for each other at all!

When you’re traveling together all the small annoying things your partner does are amplified because your constantly together 24/7 and often in a combined space.

So what’s the secret of a healthy relationship on the road? In a recent survey by Monarch a massive 58% of couples said they thought travel contributed to a successful relationship, with 54% admitting that they are more likely to make time for each other on holiday.

-Go out to dinner: couples went out for a mean on average 3 times a month, definitely a good start in any relationship to set a date night to make sure you make time to see each other!

-Make a romantic gesture: couples on average made a romantic gesture 2 times per month, it doesn’t have to be big or expensive but stopping to take a moment and prepare something romantic for your partner will put you in the good books!

-Have a guys’ or girls’ night: On average couples stated they had a girls’ or guys’ night 2 times a month, as much as you need to see each other its always a good idea to have guys’ and girls’ night to ensure you have some time apart.

The best places to keep romance alive are of course the most romantic destinations, for example Barcelona with its chilled laid back beaches right on top of the bustling city scene is the perfect place to go as a couple. There’s tones of stuff to do, you could start by taking a romantic stroll around Park Güell make sure to head right to the top where you can look out over Barcelona all the way to the sea! In the city centre there are loads of winding streets packed with small cosy restaurants where you can stop off for a romantic lunch. Come evening the city comes alive and the streets get busier by the hour, stop off for some traditional Spanish tapas for dinner and pick one of the many bars lining the streets to have a drink and watch the world go by!