We had a bank holiday Friday this month and wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, but without going to far. We decided to head to Phra Pradaeng (otherwise known as Bangkok’s green lung) its a large area of mostly greenery, park, farms and smiley old school farming locals.

How to get to Phra Pradaeng / Brangkrachao?

Just head to Khlong Toei Pier (Tha Khlong Toei in Thai) when you get there you might end up as we did facing the main industrial pier entry, you want to take the road on your right that leads to the temple, if you jump out and walk down this lane right towards the water. On your right there’s a small shop selling sweets and stuff that sells tickets for the boats as well. Ask for a ticket to Bangkrachao and it cost’s 5-10baht (i think depending how touristy you look.. ha), and the boat takes about 5 mins to cross.


Once you get to the other side, you can rent bikes and cycle around or just go for a wander, there are also moto taxi’s around if you want a lift somewhere!