Mention St Patricks Day and you instantly think of the colour green, celebrations, music, Ireland and Guinness.  It’s easy to see why this is the case, because almost every St Patricks Day celebration involves these aspects, and the 17th March has almost turned into a worldwide celebration of being Irish!!  With parades and parties throughout North America, Europe and the UK, St Patricks Day has become a day of celebration across the globe, but where’s the best place to celebrate St Patricks Day?  You’ve guessed it; Ireland, where St Patrick is the patron saint.  St Patricks Day is a holy day of obligation in Ireland but it is also a celebration of St Patrick and indeed Ireland itself.  While St Patricks Day is celebrated with parades and parties in towns and villages across the island of Ireland, we’ve decided to look at 5 places worth visiting if you are ever fortunate enough to be in Ireland on 17th March.

5 Places in Ireland to enjoy St Patricks Day:

1. Armagh:

Seen by many as the home of St Patrick and the area of which he was bishop, there is perhaps no better place to enjoy St Patricks Day than in the city of Armagh.  This year the party starts on Friday 15th March in Market Square in the city centre with the St Patricks Festival Concert.  Top of the billing is The Red Hot Chilli Pipers.  The city then comes alive on Monday 17th March with a carnival that promises to be full of colour, music, dance and great entertainment; well worth checking out.

2. Dublin:

If you’re looking to be part of the biggest St Patricks Day celebration in Ireland in March, head straight for the capital city, Dublin.  A 4 day festival lies in store for visitors to Dublin City Centre and with thousands of people planning a short break to Dublin for St Patricks Day, the city will enjoy one huge celebration from the 14th – 17th March.  Each day is packed with lots to see and do as Dublin gets ready to literally turn the city green this year in celebration.


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3. Wexford:

If you want to be part of the oldest St Patricks Day parade in Ireland then it’s time to visit Wexford.  With a mixture of bands, local groups and floats taking part in the parade, this has a real community feel and a real sense of celebration.  Join in the party in Wexford this St Patricks Day and enjoy the great hospitality warm welcome of the locals.

4. Downpatrick:

The ancient and historic town named after St Patrick, Downpatrick is putting together a week of celebrations with its 2014 St Patricks Festival which culminates in a spectacular carnival on Monday 17th March.  Downpatrick is reportedly the last resting place of St Patrick and is a town that prides itself on throwing a parade he would be proud of.

Saint Patrick Celebrations

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5. Galway:

Last on our list is Galway, where tourists and locals will get to enjoy a 3 day festival for St Patricks Day.  The celebrations run from 15th – 17th March and is a celebration of the many cultures and talents within the city, with local artists and community groups performing for the thousands of visitors.  With a parade that goes through the popular Eyre Square, be sure to get add Galway to the list of places you plan to visit to enjoy the celebration of St Patrick.

You’ll never be short of places to celebrate St Patricks Day in Ireland and with towns and villages awash with parties and festivals, and many pubs filled with tourists and locals enjoying the