So I’ve written a post before about the place I started learning Thai: Everyday Thai Language School.

Since I did the lessons here, I’ve kinda plateaued I can speak basic Thai (poorly) but i can generally get my point across and have a half decent conversation with someone about the basics like where I’m from, what I’m doing here, the weather (of course.. I’m British), my holidays or family etc. However I don’t feel like I have really learnt anything new in the last year. Since I became able to say the basic things I needed I’ve found it hard to find motivation to learn more, this alongside the fact I just utterly fail at tones has kind of left me at a stand still.

Well it had until lately, when I heard that Sam had created a eBook guide to learning Thai. Reading through this really inspired me to start learning again and to stop using the fact that I suckkkkkk at tones as an excuse not to learn. So I’m back trying to get to grips with some things that I struggled with before and learn more about the tonnes.

One of the most useful sections in the eBook is the idea of learning Thai with an Alter ego, this is a brilliant idea I had never thought about it in this way before and since I started I find it a lot easier to have the confidence to speak Thai. If I can remember to slip into this alter ego, everything about my voice and the way I hold my mouth changes and I find it easier to keep a level tone in my voice, which I really struggle to do normally.

Second useful thing is the Sawattshirt, what is it?  A t shirt designed with a phrase which encourages Thai’s to talk to you and help you practice your Thai. It’s sometimes so hard just to get Thai people to speak to you in Thai, this t shirt breaks down that barrier and tells everyone around you that you want to speak to them and you want to practice your Thai with them. Again brilliant idea.