1. The Backpacker Experience: ‘Golf Bar’
Not something i’m keen on doing too often but its always fun to have a night out on Khaosan Rd once in awhile. Best bar on Khaosan is the bucket bar ‘Golf Bar’ their slogan which they are probably better known for is ‘We do not check ID card’. Early in the evening it starts small a few harmless tables and some friendly guy in orange shits trying to pull you in off the street, but as the night goes on more and more tables come out until the bar extends to halfway across the road.


Photo © Adventurous Kate (She’s Awesome check her out!!!)

2. The Expat Experience: ‘Cheap Charlies’
If your either an expat yourself or a tourist looking to get away from the backpacker crowd you can head to ‘Cheap Charlie’s’ all drinks cost 80 baht, pretty much no matter what you order! The bar is kind of tacked onto the side of a building and is decorate with an insane amount of bizarre stuff, there’s bits of wood and carving, signs and a bee’s nest, there’s even a running toy train set weaving its way through all of this above your heads! You can find Cheap Charlie’s in a side alley off Sukhumvit Soi 11, its always packed and a great place to meet people!


3. The Thai Experience: “Bar 23”
From the outside you would barely know that Bar 23 was there, theres a tiny sign on the front and a blacked out door and thats it. The bar attracks a pretty equal amount of Thai and Western drinkers, inside you can see that its basically just someones massive living room that has been turned into a bar area, derocated with random old furniture and brightly coloured lanterns and decorations. Its definately an experience coming here, you can mix with the locals, listen to some decent music and as the night goes on the place becomes packed out! You can find Bar 23 in Sukhumvit Soi 16.


4. The High-rise Experience: ‘Vertigo Moon Bar @ The Banyan Tree’
Worth a trip for sure, even if you only stay for one or two incredibly expensive cocktails! This bar has one of the best views in Bangkok, not just because of its height, but because the bar is raised at one end of the top floor, meaning you have an uninterupted 360 degree view from one position, you can literally see the whole of Bangkok!


5. The Club Experience: ‘Route 66 @ RCA’
Route 66 again has a good mix of foreign and Thai people, it’s a massive place that has several different rooms playing different types of music as well as a huge outdoor seating area! Entry is 300 baht, but you get 300 bahts worth of drinks vouchers, I’m sure you were going to buy a drink or two anyways so its basically free 🙂