Adrian Landsberg started The Lifestyle Compound for his love of entrepreneurship and travel. In October 2013 he quit his job of ten years to chase his dream of going on a multi-country, bucket list smashing mission. He writes about building an income, self improvement and living a better life at www.TheLifeStyleCompound.com.



Every human being has goals, they just differ in size, magnitude and their motivation to complete them.

There is no secret to being a great goal achiever, it’s a series of small steps and hard work all put together that results in the outcome you want, as long as your willing to put the work in.

Lets start with number one of what I think is the best way to make goals and achieve them;


1) Make a list and check it twice

Yes I just quoted Santa Clause. But there is a reason and that is because having a list for everything is just so damn good.

If you want to complete something in life, write it down on paper and it becomes a million times more real. Be it just remembering to get the milk in the morning or drawing out a business plan, once your mind sees it, it starts to take shape and develop.


2) Time is ticking

Once you’ve made a goal you have to put a date and time limit on it. Why ? Because if you don’t then it may just not happen. But if you say ‘I want to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks then all of a sudden 5 weeks doesn’t seem that far away and your mind will start thinking about how it’s going to make this a reality.


3) Specify

When making your goals you have to specify what, when, why and how. Once you start measuring all these things then you have a time limit, a reason and a plan on how to make it happen.

Get right down to specifics and don’t leave anything to chance.


4) Dream a little

You want your goals to be realistic but not too much. If it’s too easy you won’t put in the required effort and you’ll just half ass it, however if it’s too hard you’ll get overwhelmed and probably won’t even start.

It’s a fine line but you should have a two tiered goal; one point that you’d like to make it too and you’d be happy and another goal that’s maybe a little bit harder and maybe slightly out of reach that you’d be absolutely stoked to make it too. Imagine if you made it to this point ? Imagine the feeling of accomplishment.


5) You have to really want it

Going after a big goal requires absolute dedication, good time management and hard work, if you put all these together then you have a good chance of making it.

But you must absolutely want it, crave it and not take no for an answer. You must have the burning desire to succeed and do what you set out to do.

You can’t sort of want it, you have to REALLY want it.


6) Think big and then break it down

Big goals can seem overwhelming at first because of there sheer size but the secret is to break it down into small, bite sized pieces that you can chew off and devour.

If your goal is over a span of several weeks or several years it’s still the same, only the amount of steps will vary. Break them right down into daily things that you can do to bring you closer to your goal.


7) Let the world know

Making a goal public is one of the best ways to make things real that I know of. When I went bunji jumping naked in Thailand, I’d been telling people for weeks that I was going to do it.

But when the day came I really didn’t want to go through with it. I was scared. But because I’d told a heap of people about it I knew I had to go through with it otherwise what would they say ?

There was no way I was going to go home empty handed (or without my clothes) and not have achieved what I set out to do that day 🙂

So get on Facebook, Twitter or your blog and let everyone know what you want to achieve. Trust me, this works and helps to really make things real.


8) Change your mindset

I read a great book recently called; Think and Grow Rich which covers a lot on mindset and how it can change your perception on things.

It covers how changing how you think about things can change how your brain perceives what you want. If you want to make $80 000 a year then believe that you already have it and now you just have to exchange the work for it.

It goes into more than that but it’s a great way to train your mind into making it think that you already have what you need, now you just have to take it.

These are my best ways to make goals and achieve them. You have to be dedicated, hard working, and have the ability to never, ever give up. Persist to the very end and you might just make it.

What are you making a goal for ?

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them” – Henry David Thoreau


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