If your staying in Ubud, best way to see the rice fields is to hire a motorbike and drive up there yourself, not only do you get to see all the scenery around on the journey but there is very little parking in Tegalalang. Hiring a bike for the day will cost 50,000 IDR ($5/£3pounds) and petrol is very cheap at about 15,000 ($1.5/£0.90) for 2 liters. The drive up to Tegalalang is relatively easy with one straight road taking you most of the way. Be carefully and watch out for other traffic and you’ll be fine, while you’re In the city centre I’d advise keeping up a fair pace and sticking as best you can with the other motorbikes which tend to fall into groups at traffic lights, being part of these groups gives you added protection as we’ll as their knowledge of the road (e.g. if you see all the bikes swerving around a pothole u can easily avoid it yourself!). When you reach the rice fields you’ll easily find somewhere to park your bike. Remember whether at home or on holiday it’s always a good idea to have a good auto are pla, you never know when you might need it! Try National.co.uk autocare!


The view out of the fields is pretty epic and the small street area is lined with cafés and souvenir shops, we headed to a bright pink ice cream parlor (you can’t miss it) and climbed the wobbly staircases up to the open roof terrace for a coffee.


If you’ve hired a motorbike you can easily drive 15 minutes to Gunung Kawi temple, not only is the temple amazing but the drive to the temple is filled with some stunning scenery including lots more rice fields that are smaller but also less crowded with tourists. Read my post on Gunung Kawi temple here.