Is it possible to find a job in Thailand as a foreigner?

Well the short answer is Yes it is possible, totally possible… however is it easy? Hell No! Its really not an easy place to find a job unless you want to be an English teacher in which case it is easy as pie!

So going on from that im gonna split this post in two, if you are thinking of being an English teacher head to the separate post here. If you’re looking for non-English teaching work keep reading… (Or of course read both if you want to keep you options open!!)

What are the chances of finding work in Thailand as a foreigner/farang?

How likely is it you will be able to find work in Thailand? Well i’ve got to be honest the chances are pretty slim, expat packages are few and far between and are normally only offered to people who already work within a company, jobs upon arrival are also few and far between and there’s lots of competition for the ones that exist.

Why is it so hard?

There are lots of reasons but ive found these are the main ones:

-Hassle: Thailand has lots of rules about how and why you can hire foreigners, companies have to research and follow all these rules
-Cost: to employ a foreigner is an expensive process in Thailand, the company most likely will need to pay for visas, work permits and the lawyers costs involved in obtaining these.
-Thai to Foreigner ratio: A company can only employ 1 foreigner per x amount of Thai staff.
-Wages: Foreigners normally require higher wages than Thai staff, even if the farang is happy with a lower wage their minimum wage is higher than Thais by law.
-Unnecessary: Many companies just don’t have a need for foreign staff since there are so many Thai’s who are fluent in English, including many that are at a native level after growing up abroad.
-Cultural barrier: There are a huge difference between Thai workers and English workers, in everything from work ethic to attitude,

So, saying all of that, it is possible to find a job in Thailand and if your willing to put in the work and take the risk here my guide on how to go about it!

When to start looking for a job?

There are three ways to look for a job in Thailand:

From home, Expat Packages: You can look for packages before you come that are relocation packages, however these are normally only offered for very high skilled jobs and most vacancies are recruited for from within the company. They do exist but the chance of finding one unless your in huge demand is slim.

From home, Jobs advertised in Thailand: You can begin looking for jobs advertised on local sites within Thailand even whilst still not in the country you may be able to Skype interview for these jobs, however with the huge competition its possible you will lose out to someone who is here and available to meet in person.

From Thailand, Jobs advertised in Thailand: Once your on the ground in Thailand you probably have the best chances of finding a job, you can combine all 3 methods of searching for jobs and you’ll be available to start on short notice!

Where to start looking for a job?

Try these sites:




Thai Visa

Thailand Jobs 77

If your on the ground you can also search in the English newspapers such as The Bangkok Post and The Nation. Tip: if your a cheapskate and don’t want to buy a whole load of newspapers everyday just for the job sections lots of pubs, cafés, and hotel lobbies supply these papers!

There are also numerous networking events in Bangkok, which you could attend in order to try and make connections. However i cant say ive ever know anyone actually get a job out of this.

There are also jobs posted regularly in these Facebook groups:

Bangkok Expats


Bangkok Young Professionals 

Job Seekers Thailand

What kinds of job are available?

The highest number of jobs fall in the sectors: IT & coms, Marketing & Advertising, Editorial. There is also work available in NGO’s.

What kinds of jobs are prohibited?

Here’s a handy list of jobs prohibited, in general if a Thai person can do the job then a foreigner isn’t allowed to take the job with it being justified by the company as to why it requires a foreigner.

What to do if you can’t find a job in Thailand?

Adjust your expectations: Do you love living in Thailand? If so perhaps adjust your expectations and lower your expected salary or looking into doing other types of jobs.

Keep looking: How long have you been looking for a job? I was looking fora job for almost 6 months before i found one!

Look at other options: Look for freelance work from other countries which you can do remotely, because the wages paid will be much higher than Thai wages you can get by on doing just a couple of freelance pieces per month. Also you can look into permanent but remote jobs, where you can work from home… again look in all countries for these.

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