We’re all bored of desperately scouting out Wi-Fi spots on holiday, checking all the shop windows for the tiny little free Wi-Fi signs, ordering a drink at the bar settling in, only to discover that the Wi-Fi is ‘Out-of-order’. Doh! Yup I’ve been there a million times, sometimes you can do without but as someone who frequently works on the road sometimes that just wont cut it and you need to find somewhere where you can get online. So how can you counter these Wi-Fi issues? Well there’s no need to worry any more, thanks to a brilliant new start up company in Latin America, Jose’s Wi-Fi dogs!

Jose takes a very simple idea and turns it into a business; dogs are natural born hunters right? They love to find stuff, they love to fetch balls and track the scent of other animals. So why not use them to find Wi-Fi! So not only do you get a Wi-Fi hunting dog but you get the bonus of wandering around with a cute pup all day and all for a very reasonable price! What could be better?!

 So is Jose’s Wi-Fi dogs the best way to find Wi-Fi while abroad? Well perhaps they are still working out some of the kinks 😉 but the video series sure made me laugh and illustrates just how crazy we can look when desperately searching our free Wi-Fi spots abroad! The only way to see the madness for yourself is to checkout the video below, and be sure to check out all the other videos of the series at Wi-Fi Dogs/travel!

This is a sponsored post & video