My parents worst nightmare i’m sure.. not only did i get another tattoo, I got another tattoo in Thailand [sorry mum ;)]!

Getting a tattoo in Thailand is the same as getting a tattoo anywhere in the world you need to use your common sense. As long as you go to the right place you can expect the same levels of quality, sterilisation, design etc as anywhere else in the world! Bear in mind though, you get what you pay for not just in quality of tattoo but in sterilisation etc, if you pay 500baht for cheap tattoo when your drunk, don’t expect it to look particualy good or be done in the most sterile conditions!

So how do you go about finding a great Tattoo shop in Bangkok? Well this is a pretty good place to start Bk Mag’s list of best tattoo studios in Bangkok! Also its a good idea to ask about and try and find other people who have been tattooed there. I was recommended Pumpkin Studios because a friend of a friend, had some line work done there that  he was really impressed with.

Got to say i was really impressed with the Tattoo, its very fine and the lines turned out awesome and crystal clear edges! Absolutely in love with the tattoo and cant wait to get my next one!!


Krungthep mahanakhon : City of Angels : Thai name for Bangkok!