What to do on a rainy late August Saturday in Bangkok? Go to the Kings Kup Elephant Polo.. durh!

Firstly.. i’m not entirely sure why (Because this isnt the same reactions horses get when you say your going to watch regular polo) but immediately people seem to be concerned that the elephants are mistreated and hard done by. This is the opposite of the truth.. in fact these are probably the best cared for ellies in Thailand, their happiness and health is paramount and the proceeds of the event go to helping various elephant related project across Thailand. You can read about the wellness of the ellies here.

So what’s elephant polo like? Well its not exactly fast paced, but its fun to watch none the less, particularly when your watching from the side lines drink in hand! The main event of the day on Saturday was the showdown between the All Blacks (team of ex NZ all black rugby players) and Miss Tiffany (a team of Thai lady boys), so its fair to say the day’s event was good fun and not too serious!