Just an hour south of Berlin, spree forest is renowned as a great day trip because of the ease of getting there and because of that great ‘out of city’ countryside appeal and of course it is but it also seems good for so much more than just a day trip!
Germany has always fascinated me (although I’ll admit that’s largely due to beer and food!!) So I’ve never had the pleasure of going to Spree forest (otherwise known as Spreewald) but it’s definitely on the list of places to go, particularly at the moment as it is the #germany25reunified I’ve seen it described as “paradise on the water” and I’m pretty sure the spectacular landscape wouldn’t disappoint!
Spee forest is made up of a 970km network of waterways, shaped during the ice age, water is a way of life here not just a means of transport or simply an aspect of the landscape. In 200 year old farm houses dotted on the many islands, the traditional customs and lifestyle of the ‘Sorbs’ a minority group remain almost untouched, although there is a strong element of tourism present the traditional language and handicrafts are intact and life here seems a whole lot simpler than the bustling city life most of us are used to!
In Spree forest you can hire a traditional punt and relax as your guided through the many waterways, taking in the sites around you. However if you are feeling more adventurous you can rent a canoe or kayak and paddle yourself along some of the more untouched waterways.
Not only has history been persevered extremely well in Spree forest but also wildlife, with the site being a UNSECO biosphere reserve.
Just 15km further south you can visit a rebuilt Slavic fort at Raddusch, this places looks pretty impressive and has to worth a visit as its so close!