So I recently came across this Infographic on Charles Darwin’s journey across the globe on board of the HMS Beagle. Discoveries during the trip included finding fossils of dinosaurs in Peru, watching Mt Osorno erupt in Chile and meeting many locals from around the worlds. Darwin left England at just 22 years old and recently graduated from University, and despite the HMS beagle’s voyage planning to last 2 years it ended up lasting almost 5 years, with much time spent both at sea and on land surveying.

The trip is regarded as a turning point for Darwin and considered to have a great influence on his work as shortly after returning from the trip Darwin came up with the theory of evolution. This made me think about the trips we take and how the influence our lives, obviously most of us are not lucky enough to make a major breakthrough and discover evolution during our trips. However each trip must change in us in some way, would you be the same person you are today if you had never travelled?

Reading about Darwin stepping off ship into the completely unknown, also made me think how little we manage to get off the beaten path these days, it’s hard to leave the ease and luxury of the well trodden route to see or try something different.

“Here I first saw a tropical rain forest in all its sublime grandeur… I never experienced such delight!”
-Charles Darwin

So I came up with a new aim for 2015, to get off the beaten track more often and try to do the things that might be hard going and uncomfortable but that can also turn out to be the most amazing experiences. The opportunities to visit less touristy places are diminishing as travel becomes cheaper and more accessible and places which were previously rarely visited increase in popularity until they eventually become a major tourist destination!

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