The city life

It would be hard to come to Australia and never visit Sydney, the city is incredible and when you first catch a glimpse of the iconic Harbour bridge and Opera house is when you really start to feel you’re in Australia. The city has so much to offer, although it is an expensive place to stay there are budget options and chasing the happy hour and backpacker deals from bar to bar is part of the fun!

The outback

Perhaps combinable with your road trip, there should be one point in your trip where you stand in the middle of nowhere feeling that you could walk for days and not come across anyone. The outback is one of those places which isn’t picture perfect, it’s not beautiful, its dry and arid but there is something about the vastness of it that makes you really realise how small you are, and that is not an easy feeling to find coming from a girl from the overpopulated UK!

The road trip

Road tripping around Australia is the perfect solution it’s a cheap, easy way to see the country and you get to get away from the overly populated tourist areas occasionally. Highway 1 is the main Australian highway and it circumnavigates around the entire country, its total length is 14,500km so you might not want to drive the entire thing but a great way to see the country is to buy a second hand car, drive around for as long as you like and then sell the card at the end of your trip. This seems to work out particularly well because rental prices are so high, check out Gumtree used car prices and see what deals you can get!

The wildlife

Of course no trip would be complete with a wildlife encounter, you’ve got to tick of at least the three most famous inhabitants: Crocs, Koalas and Kangaroos. However if you’ve got a bit more time on your hands there’s a whole host more wildlife to check out from Emus (scary massive birds), Ibis’ (scary smaller birds), possums, snakes, wallabies… the list is endless and you.


The Food

Wherever you go you should always try the local food, and Australia is no exception. A few to look out for include: a servo pie, chicken parmigana, fish and chips, fresh seafood, golden gaytimes and lamingtons.

The western coast

So many people visit Australia and never even touch down on the western coast, the east coast is the highly populated tourist trail and it’s incredible but my favourite places where along the west coast where every town seems to have its very own pristine beach with white sand and turquoise water. Pictures of these places could easily be mistaken for somewhere in the Caribbean, I really don’t know how they are such a well kept secret, but it’s a blessing in disguise as you quite often have the beach to yourself!


The adventure sports

Okay, I know they aren’t for everyone, but for me adventure sports are very much an essential for any Australia trip (or any trip for that matter). Whether its skydiving above the coastline, white water rafting the rapids or bungee jumping amongst treetops, adventure sports are huge in Australia and it’s one of the best places to bite the bullet and go for it!