Taking the right cruise – There are thousands of cruise holidays to choose from whether it’s a Western Mediterranean cruise or a Caribbean cruise that takes your fancy, make sure you do your research and find the perfect cruise for you!

Take a visit to the spa – If you want to start your holiday with a special present for your partner, why not book in for treatments at the spa! Your partner will be pleased and you’ll come out of the spa relaxed and rested ready to begin your holiday!


Arrive at your port of departure the night before – Who wouldn’t want to add another day on to your holiday!! This also eliminates risks of missing your cruise due to bad traffic, weather etc. Have a nice relaxed start to your holiday by booking into a hotel for the night before your cruise!

Leave some spare space in your suitcase – You’re sure to pick up some items on your travel, whether they are souvenirs or extra items of clothing etc. so make sure you leave at least a little space in your suitcase for any extra items you pick up along the way!

Get your bearings early on – Lots of cruise ships offer tours, this is a great opportunity to get to know your way around the boat. If there is no tour on offer you can grab a deck map and go for a wander to get yourself orientated. This will make it much easier to get around and not get lost!


Don’t eat everything in sight! – I know you’ve paid for food to be included so the natural instinct to get your money’s worth takes over and you’ll find yourself eating 8 meals a day and snacking constantly. While it’s great to have everything included and not have to worry about paying out for extra dinners (unless you wish to!) try to keep the eating to a regular amount, stuffing your face all day and then feeling ill all night, does not count as getting your money’s worth!

Take advantage of your land time – It can be tempting to just stay onboard or take the organised tours sold onboard, but if you fancy a little adventure try taking off on your own and exploring the city by yourself. It’s a great opportunity to get off the beaten track and away from the crowds!

It’s your cruise – In the end, it’s your cruise and it’s your holiday so do whatever your heart desires and make it a holiday to remember!