Architects around the world usually cut costs at every turn when designing a building for student accommodation. In fact, it’s temporary housing for students who don’t need to live in beautiful houses of the world’s best architects. But sometimes university campuses are real masterpieces of architecture, and we will tell you about the most interesting and unusual ones.

Cite A Docks student housing is one of the most impressive examples of architecture in the world. We are talking about the campus in the French city of Le Havre which was built of shipping containers. Each of the one hundred rooms of this residential complex for students is a separate container, well equipped for a comfortable life for two.


City University London has two campuses with more than 1,300 students. This is the largest, but at the same time very simple student living London. There is also a tennis court, shop and coffee shop on the territory of the building. Because of its unusual shape, newcomers often think this is an industrial building.

Estonian town of Valga, located on the border with Latvia, has recently opened a Vocational Training Centre with a new student dormitory. This building looks supernatural against the background of fairly modest architecture of Valga. It looks as though its made up of hundreds of honeycombs – decorated windows. This orange building became a bright spot against the background of the grey northern landscape, especially in winter.


Basket Apartments in Paris is a new student residence located next to the park. The width of the building is 11 metres, while the length is 200 metres. The residential complex is divided into two blocks connected by a narrow bridge with a small garden.

Some students of University of Twente are involved in active sports every day. We are talking about the lucky ones who live in a dorm with a climbing wall integrated into the outer part of the building. You can climb onto the roof of the building for fun and fitness.

The student campus Tietgen in Copenhagen is proud of indisputable title of “the best student housing in the world”. The main building of the campus is a round seven-storey block whose shape symbolizes the unity of the people living inside. The building is designed for a very comfortable accommodation of 360 people – they have spacious rooms with terraces, halls, kitchen, library, sports centre and game rooms.