Travelling solo can be adventurous and fun when you’re feeling ambitious. There is no worrying about your companion getting tired along the way as you can do whatever you want at any time of the day or night. This self-indulgent trip may be a learning experience for you but there are some safety tips that you need to take into account.


Always put safety first

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns for a solo traveller is safety. Without a travel companion, you are more vulnerable to pickpockets and scam artists. If you are travelling to a foreign country, try not to draw attention to yourself as a tourist and always blend in with a crowd of people.


Know how long it takes and how much it costs

If you need a taxi from airport to the hotel, make sure you find out in advance how much you are supposed to pay and how long the journey is. In case the driver’s answers are different from what you expect, move on to another cab.


Stay connected with family or friends

Almost all smartphones are equipped with Skype and other free services to keep you connected to friends or family. It is important to ensure that your phone has roaming capabilities before leaving home, and if not, find out how much you need to pay for a roaming service. If your phone is unlocked, you may buy an international sim card when you are in a foreign country.


Stay healthy

Before leaving for your desired destination, make sure you have adequate travel insurance in the event of experiencing health problems abroad. Find out if the place you will be going to has mosquitoes so that you can take the necessary precautions.


Keep your cash, cards and passport in separate places

It is best to stash your money in your purse or wallet and your credit cards in your trouser pocket. When you are strolling about town, keep your passport in the hotel’s safe deposit box. Never carry all these around town with you in case you get robbed.


Get local area’s information from your hotel

After checking in to a hotel, ask a staff member to give you a map of the areas that are safe to explore. Also find out where to avoid and how to get to places via public transport. Try not to carry the map in the streets as this is a clear indication that you are a tourist. Simply familiarise yourself with the street names before going out rather than carrying the map everywhere.


Always trust your instincts

Trusting your instincts is perhaps the most important tip as your gut feeling is always right. Don’t think that every stranger you meet during your trip can be trusted. If you are walking in a neighbourhood that you’ve not been to before and suddenly feel uneasy, find a nearby taxi right away. Never underestimate the power of sixth sense and try to get out of an unsettling situation immediately.