So you know you want to go travelling but your struggling to save up enough money to actually get anywhere, here’s some tips to get you saving!

1. Think about the actual Cost
When you’re buying a McDonalds or a Starbucks its just a couple of £/$, say you spend £6/$10 on a McDonald’s meal, its not  much right? Except when you think £6/$10 can buy you 10 meals in Thailand, 10 MEALS! Of course that’s 10 street food meals (about £0.60/$1.00 each) but that’s a whole extra few days of food on your trip in the end skipping that extra expense and spending that cash someone else could get you a lot extra for your money!

2. Stop Drinking
Woe Woe Woe, I know what you’re thinking, a life without Alcohol?! Is it even possible?! 😉 Course it is and it doesn’t have to be too hard, instead of completely giving up drinking you can set yourself limits like no alcohol Monday-Friday, no alcohol the first week of the month etc.

3. Save money wherever you can
Yes, even if it makes you feel like a cheapskate, whatever corners you can cut start cutting! You can always find great deals for stuff online, vouchers for discounts are now widely available and there are lots of in store special deals etc, For some latest working voucher codes you could always try


4. Budget
Setting yourself a budget is one of the most important things when your trying to save, it give your a much clearer idea of how much you have available to spend and where you need to cut back.

5. Track your savings
Tracking your saving efforts not only boosts your motivation to save, but it give your a realistic idea of whether your saving is working and how long it will take for your to reach your goals, it also helps to notify you when your falling behind on your savings and when your getting ahead!