The obvious way is to hit up art galleries, there are extensively large art gallery’s wherever you go now, from the Tate Modern, London to Musee du Louvre, Paris. With each big city comes a new opportunity to visit some of the most famous galleries in the world! However don’t just stick to the big names, it’s the tiny back street gallery’s that only showcase a few artists, where you often stumble on a hidden gem! The smaller galleries are often all based in the same area so it’s easy to wander around a whole load of them in the same day!


Try searching our independent or artist run work spaces, these are in effect the smallest showcases of artwork, this artwork is more affordable so a great option if you’re thinking of actually investing in a piece. The work space also act as a normal artist workshop so not only can you view the art work, but you can view the artist in action.

Another option is to go hunting for street art, many cities have such prevalent street art that it’s hard to miss, other cities have street art tucked away in back street and down small alleyways. Melbourne is hugely popular for street art and you can even check online and plan your route based on the most famous street art streets.


How about starting with your hotel, sometimes now you don’t even have to leave your hotel to discover new art, book a stay in a space that will inspire you, like this artistic hotel in London. CitizenM hotel have Dutch origins and hotels in London, Glasgow, New York, Paris, Rotterdam and Amsterdam the brand describes itself as “anti hotel cliches” they provide quick digital check in screens instead of a check in desk and bell boys and tablets to control everything from the lighting to the TV inside your room, doing this allows them to concentrate their money on their true aim, which is to offer travellers a unique experience in a design led hotel. Their rooms showcase artwork from the likes of Gavin Turk, Mario Testino and Vitra designed furniture. Their lobby is designs more like a lounge in a normal home, with the emphasis on socialising and meeting other likeminded travelers. The whole experience is like no other hotel you’ve ever stayed in!




There are some incredible independent art galleries in Amsterdam, these galleries often started off life as nothing but a squat buildings, but are now transformed into pristine gallery spaces, most focus on emerging artists and there are always a plethora of independent galleries to suit your preferred style of art! For example Galerie Fons Welters in tucked away in a residential area and focuses of contemporary art, with a huge ‘white box’ space which has housed Claire Harvey’s ‘life in black and white’ with other areas focusing on a mix of emerging arts. Whereas KochxBos resides in a converted small front room showcasing lowbrow and underground art, with offerings from artists such as Ciou, Sarah Maple and Ray Caesar.



Seek out unusual forms of Art, for example the Harbin Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival in China, the strange Cheetos Art (yes that’s right Cheetos) by Andy Huot, Feather Art, Fine Art Paper Art, to X-ray art, basically whichever unconventional type of art catches your eye.


Keep up to date with the Arts Festival Calendar for the countries you are visiting, make sure you not the dates of shows and festivals and see where and when you can fit them into your trip!

Of course it’s all well and good looking at art but how about getting stuck in to creating some art yourself? After all the inspiring art you’ve experienced, i reckon you’d have some pretty good ideas from an art project yourself and there is no better time to than when you are immersed in art and feeling inspired! There are workshops all over the place to help you along your way, whether its textiles, life drawing, pottery, glass blowing or painting. Check out London’s top 10  best places to get crafty!



Whats your favourite art gallery or favourite way to experience art? Get involved and comment below!