After being recommended The Performance Specialists Romsey by a friend, We arranged to pop down for a oly lifting session whilst home in the UK visiting family. The box is located in Romsey and is a great option for anyone looking to drop in from Romsey, Southampton or Winchester.
As a 9.30 weekday class, we were the only ones signed up and so after a quick discussion on which of our oly lifts needed improving most, we settled on the snatch and Hayley and James ran us through some snatch and snatch balance drills, critiquing us and helping us to improve form, much needed for me after being out of the normal workout routine for a few weeks!

The gym itself is located in a section of warehouse in an industrial estate, and is small but has everything you need for oly lifting/functional movement stuff. If your lucky you’ll have the pleasure of having the two dogs sat in the corner, nothing like looking up from your push up to see a French bulldog grinning at you, a mascot if you will!


Overall had a awesome and very useful session at Romsey Performance Specialist and will definitely be revisiting it next time I’m visiting back home!

Check out their website or their Facebook for up to date pricing and class schedules!