Copan is located half a mile northwest of Honduras and is the most famous Maya site in the region. This charming little town is full of cobblestone streets and red-tile roofs. Tucked away in the mountains of Honduras, visitors can enjoy the peaceful surroundings of this town’s landscape. If you’re looking for interesting things to do in this cultural resort, take a look at this guide to Copan, Honduras.

The museum of Maya archaeology

This museum may look a bit outdated but it gives a great overview of how Mayans lived and their presence in Copan valleys. The exhibits contain painted pottery, carved knives, and many other original handmade pieces. The sculptures portray an accurate picture of what life looked like in ancient times.

Macaw Mountain

This bird sanctuary is very close to the centre of Copan. You can see lots of colourful birds including Macaws and how they’re taken care of. A one-hour tour around this sanctuary reveals some impressive views of nature where there is a coffee plantation, swimming pool, and a café can be found. Tickets are valid for 3 days so you can always come back for a swim here.

Where to stay

There are only 4 or 5 hostels in Copan and a handful of hotels scattered around the place. Right next to the cathedral in the centre of town, you will find a nice family-friendly hotel with pool. Although it’s harder to find a luxury hotel in Copan, you can always look on the Internet. But no matter where you decide to stay, one thing is for sure: you’ll definitely wish you had stayed in this town for longer. Its unique charm and character will stay in your memory for many years to come. Just don’t forget your travel insurance from a site like before booking flights to Honduras. This is to cover yourself in the event of a medical emergency or baggage loss.
Where to eat

There are many authentic restaurants with a great variety of foods. But if you want a taste of home-cooked carne asada with tortillas at the local stalls, you will find many ladies standing next to their BBQ grills in the main plaza. Also don’t miss the best frozen fruit drinks that are served with pupusa. They are so tasty you will want more and more!

For an adventurous food traveler, there are a number of options in Copan. At Café Balam, which is situated in a pretty and shaded courtyard, try the best coffee in town. Stop by Casa del Todo and take advantage of cheap homemade bread and local yoghurt. Every weekend, street vendors line up at the town square to sell shish kebabs during the day, and there is an indoor market selling cheap foods and locally grown fruits. To fit in with the locals, it’s best to take your Spanish dictionary with you as nobody speaks English. Even if you face difficulty communicating with the locals, you can always resort to sign language.