We loved the neighbourhood we stayed in so much while in Acapulco I thought I’d share a post on it. We pretty much just drove to an area in the old part of town that we knew had hotels and walked around asking them all until we found the best deal (see map below for the area), there are lots of hotels from 150 pesos – 350 pesos here, some with swimming pools, wifi, cable and aircon. We ended up staying it a pretty grimey hotel but which had a pool/aircon/cable for 200 pesos a night (we managed to haggle as we were staying 4 nights!).

The old area has plenty of restaurants and things to do and we found it easy moving between the old town and the main strip as ‘Costera’ buses run up and down constantly and cost 6-8 peso, if you want one just flag them down and they’ll pull over, as the just pretty much travel up and down the one Costera road you don’t have to worry about getting lost!

The neighbourhood was so friendly, after meeting a few locals on our first day there we had people shouting out names and running down to say hi to us in the street on all the following days. I think Acapulco is having some trouble with lack of tourists so maybe that’s why they were so excited to see us, but either way we were happy to be greeted like old friends and given advice on the local area.

One of said locals was Alex who owns a small street taco restaurant, he spoke decent English and was hugely welcoming, as was his chef! Of course most importantly the tacos were amazing! We kept seeing Alex and his chef around the neighbourhood and they were always quick to say hello and see how we were doing, just honest lovely people. If your staying in this area I can’t recommend going down and seeing Alex for some tacos enough!


The zocalo (Central Park square) here is surrounded by restaurants and cafes and is a great place for people watching! Food tends to be a little overpriced here so perhaps drinks is a better option.

This area is also amazingly close (about a 5 min walk) to the cliff divers of Acapulco which is without a doubt a must see if your there! You can watch the divers from the road for free or pay a small amount to watch from the viewing area, I’d recommend the viewing area, as you really are up close and you will see the divers climbing the sheer rock face before jumping back into the water below. Definitely a highlight of stay in Acapulco!



The main beach is about a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute bus from the old town to the nearest stretch, from there the beach carries on around the bay. Its covered in bars and restaurants and palapas for shade, you can bargain pretty hard with the guys renting palapas especially if there’s not many people about. Try to get drinks from one of the bars just behind the palapas or from an oxxo along the Costera road, as they are incredible expensive if you order them from the guys serving at the palapas you rent.