It’s easy when leaving Australia to forget to tidy up the loose ends you’re leaving behind, however it’s important you do at least a few main things when you leave to make sure you’re not leaving any debt or money behind!


Before you leave the country or soon after it’s wise to close your bank account, as even if you take all your money out of the account you may well still end up being charged a monthly account fee as long as your account is open. It’s not a huge problem as you’ve taken your money out already, but it could put a mark on your debt record in Australia and you never know when you might want to come back! If you have debt outstanding in Australia you can be obstructed from applying for other visas later on, it’s always best to leave everything in the clear so that should you want to come back to Australia in the future you won’t have any problems.
If you are intending to come back for a second year of WHV, make sure you have completed your 89 days of fruit picking or regional work to secure your 2nd year visa. It’s also important to make sure you have all the relevant proof required from your employer, you can check what evidence is required here.
Once you have left the country you could be entitled to claim your tax back, this depends on how long, where, how much your were earning etc but most people manage to claim back something once they have left. You can either do this through an agent or you can do it yourself, the process is fairly straightforward and simple in most cases.
Claiming your Superannuation back is another simple process which can give your bank balance a great little boost when leaving Australia. You could have a fair amount left in your Super that you wouldn’t want to leave behind. Which ties in nicely with the giveaway from Damo at Backpay!


During the Sydney Olympics in the year 2000 the founder of BackPay moved to Australia for a working holiday. His name was Damian but now it’s Damo as he’s a proud Aussie citizen nowadays.

As a serial entrepreneur Damian spotted a niche in the market after progressing from being a backpacker, to starting a backpacker accommodation business in Sydney, to becoming the founder of BackPay.

From getting to know many backpackers personally it became clear many of them leave unclaimed cash in Australia in the form of Superannuation and sometimes tax too. Then in 2015 BackPay was finally born to solve this problem.

Damian remains passionate in driving the business to return every $$$ owed to backpackers after they leave Australia.

We’re giving away 5 free Backpay packages to help you retrieve any money left in Australia from your working holiday visa. Simply like and comment how you would spend your returned money on this Facebook post for your chance to win.