You hear a lot about Honduras, most of what you hear isn’t great, it has a almost unprecedented reputation for violence and crime. And it’s true, there’s no denying that there is huge violence and terrible crime, in fact if what the locals say is true on top of everything you hear about, a monumental amount goes unrecorded and so potentially it’s even worse than the reputation and recorded stats. We were a little worried about traveling in Honduras because of this, particularly as I’m a blonde female but after traveling there I can safely say that’s not what we saw in Honduras and that’s not what we experienced.

Arriving in Copan we were met with a colonial looking small town of cobbled streets and brightly colored buildings, more importantly we were met but some amazing friendly people. We soon dropped our guard and began to treat Honduras like any other country in Central America, and the people we met were always happy to point us in the right direction of we were lost, help us practice our very poor Spanish and generally help us out.

We met some of the friendliest people of our whole trip in Honduras, including some faces that I will never forget. One of these in particular is Wilson… the man, the legend, you can read about him and our experience breaking down I’m Honduras in the next post coming soon!

The two big cities San Pedro Sula (SPS for short) and Tegucigalpa (Tegoose for short) are supposed to be pretty dangerous we transited through both but didn’t stay. In San Pedro we got a bus into the metropolitan station which is inside a shopping mall and got a bus straight out from the same mall, we never set foot on the street, the bus terminal seemed safe enough, just hold onto your stuff! We also transited in Tegoose, just got off one bus and onto another although the having to take a taxi across town first this time, there’s a lot of security here (very high walls and fences, lots of barbed wire) which makes it feel a little intimidating at times but overall we didn’t have a problem. Obviously some people stay in these cities and have no problem but for my parents sanity we decided to give them a miss.

Overall I’d urge anyone to travel Hondruas. Plan your route, avoid dangerous places, and have your wits about you but most importantly go, see and enjoy!

If your heading to Honduras be sure to check out D&D Brewery at Lake Yajoa.