Along the hummingbird highway is the St Hermans Blue Hole National Park, (Not to be confused with the Great Blue Hole which is the giant submarine sink hole). I knew i wanted to drive the hummingbird highway, and it proved to be some amazing driving, after reading online that you could camp at the park offices for a very small fee (I think it was like $7, but i can’t remember exactly) we decided to head there to camp.


We got there and took a swim in the said blue hole which was pretty cool and absolutely freezing (if you are camping let the guy at the rangers office known you want to go down there and i think then you don’t have to pay for the entry to the blue hole section of the park) and set up our camp at the park offices, the park ranger who lives there has got to be one of the nicest, friendliest guys we met on our whole trip. He was an absolute legend and went out of his way to make sure we had everything we needed, even offering us food and setting up mosquito coils for us. If you only go to this place to visit this guy it would be worth it, he just sat and talked to us about the local wildlife and area.

We walked up to St Hermans Cave the next morning, which was a cool walk through some bush and into a cave, it was pretty creepy being in there on our own in the pitch black, the path lead way back into the cave and there aren’t any lights so make sure you take your torch, and lots of insect repellent!