Columbia to Panama
This is a notorious trip among traveler in South and Central America, you couldn’t actually drive between Columbia and Panama even if you wanted to due to the Darien Gap, a uncrossable area of untamed rainforest controlled by Rebels but even if you could why would you opt to drive when you can jump on a yacht and sail the Caribbean stopping of a various islands which look like desktop screen savers/postcards. One of the key stops is normally the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama, which are quite frankly paradise on earth!

Manly to Sydney Ferry, Australia
Key to both regular commuters from the Northern Beaches and tourists the ferry operates the short run between Manly and Circular Quay (Sydney city). The route goes straight past the Harbour bridge and Sydney Opera  House and is a great way to see the landmarks from a different vantage.  The ferry only takes 30 mins and if your a tourist in sydney its a great way to get out to the northern beaches for a day at the beach.

Mediterranean Ferries
Every fancied island hopping in the Mediterranean? Now you can! you can visit any number of Mediterranean destinations by ferry. Highlights of course include Sardinia, Sicily and Corsica, but there are any number of other cities and islands to visiting all linked by a network of ferries. You can’t beat rocking up to a European port and setting in to a nice glass of wine and some local food.

Shuswap Lake, Canada
Ok so technically this is more of a stay than a trip but hiring a houseboat on lake Shuswap in British Columbia is such an awesome thing it had to make the list anyway. You can hire pretty varying degrees of houseboats, but all of they should be fairly self contained and have everything you need, if you’re going to the higher end of the scale of houseboats you’ve even got inclusions like hot tubs and slides! Mooring the house boats can be a little tricky at first, but you soon get used to it and muddle your way in to wherever you’ve got your eye on to stay.