Naming your blog

Coming up with a good blog name and a URL for your website is pretty key, a catchy name and simple URL make all the difference when sharing your blog online and grabbing peoples attention. Remember, your URL and your blog name don’t have to be the same they can be a variation of each other or completely different if you like! For example, my blog is called Laura the Explorer whereas my url is simply because the domain name lauratheexplorer was taken.

About you

Start by spending a decent amount of time writing an introduction to your blog for the About section. Its not only useful to write this for your website but its actually a good process to use in order to give yourself some clarity on what will be in your blog and what you may want to leave out.


For me designing my blog was the fun part, planning a design for my blog that matched both my content and my style was very important to me. With design really you can do as little or as much as you want depending on whether your using a theme or creating the site from scratch.


If theres anything I’ve learnt from 5+ years of blogging its that getting good hosting pays back tenfold. Everything you work towards on your blog is irrelevant if you don’t have the hosting to get it online and keep it loading fast so that people can use your site easily. It’s actually very simple to find the right type of hosting that can fit your needs, as everyone will likely require varying amounts of storage space for their online projects.

Write something worth writing

With the big wide world of the inter web its hard to find something original to write, something that hasn’t been written about in a thousand ways by a thousands people. However don’t be put off by this, the most original thing you have is yourself, your own point of view and your own words.

Be patient

With design and content and everything else involved in creating a blog it can sometimes feel like its taking forever to get started. Remember your blog probably wont come together over night and people will certainly take their time to find it. Be patient and don’t give up, keep working on it and you’ll get there.


Think about who your audience will be, are you hoping to get visitors to your blog just from social media, or organically through Google or are you hoping to direct visitors to your blog from elsewhere. This makes a big difference in how to design and write your blog, remember to write for your audience, if you want to receive visitors from google look into SEO, if you want to use social networks make sure you have accounts and start building a following, etc!