When you first think about going on a cruise, you might think of a trip around popular destinations like the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, but that’s by no means all you can do.

Tour operators have made it even easier for us to get to some of the most beautiful corners of the world by sea. Here are some options you may have never thought about visiting to give you some cruising wanderlust.

Baltic cruise


Explore the Beautiful Baltic

With a tour of the Baltic, like the amazing cruise deals with Planet Cruise, you’ll get to see a phenomenal range of sights from rugged Scandinavian landscapes to the squares of St Petersburg. If you’re a European history buff, a cruise around the Baltic will be a wonderful experience – and even if it’s all new to you. If you’re into breath-taking views a Baltic cruise will be for you.

  • See The Fjords of Norway

Explore real Viking country and follow the oar-strokes of their wooden ships as if you’re stepping back in time. See small communities and villages thriving on local traditions, and expect to see eagles and seals, maybe even a whale.

Norway cruise


Sail the Indian Ocean

The mysterious Indian Ocean makes a wonderful cruise destination for the sheer variety of experiences on offer. Destinations on the way include Mauritius, India, and the Seychelles. For those who like the sun and absorbing different cultures, an Indian Ocean cruise will be a real winner.

Indian ocean cruise


  • Visit Port Victoria

The capital of the Seychelles, Port Victoria on the island of Mahe, is home to unique creole culture, beautiful pristine beaches and awe-inspiring scenery. It’s ideally placed for beach and water activities, as well as hiking through the beautiful jungle.

Discover the Arctic 

The Arctic really wins the title of a wildcard destination, and you’ll be able to see it with your own eyes on a cruise there. Iceland and Greenland are fascinating places for both culture, landscape and wildlife like polar bears, majestic whales and seals.

Artic Cruise


  • Qaqortoq, Greenland

Greenland isn’t without fascinating culture of its own; there are around 3000 people in the town – the largest in South Greenland. Explore the landscapes on foot or by kayak, travelling the routes of Norsemen. Why not experience the joys of the natural hot springs?

Cruises make seeing more of the world so easy, so why not get ready have an adventure of your own in comfort and style on a cruise to somewhere completely out of the ordinary!

Images courtesy of Planet Cruise