Okay so most of these reasons are applicable year round, but there’s something extra special about autumn in a foreign city. The temperature if perfect for traveling, not hot and not cold it sits in the middle, leaving you with the perfect weather for wandering around a big city taking in the sights.

Firstly of course there’s the food, from croissants which even from the most shoddy looking bakery are full of buttery goodness and knock the socks off any croissant you’ll eat anywhere else in the world. Maybe it’s just in my head but croissants just taste so good in Paris. Then there’s the amazing French cuisine from duck confit to mussels and chips you’ll rarely eat a disappointing meal in France (there are 70 Michelin star restaurants in Paris alone!). Then there is the bread, I could quite happily survive on baguettes and butter whenever I am in France! And lastly of course the patisseries with rows of perfectly uniform delicious treat just waiting for you to come and sample them. I guess Paris isn’t the place to go on a diet, but then who diets in a holiday anyway!

It’s also the perfect place for a romantic getaway, everything about Paris seems to scream romance, it is the city of love after all. Even a simple dinner or stroll through the streets seems amped up with a romantic atmosphere, making it the perfect place to impress your partner!

Getting there couldn’t be easier, you can jump on a Eurostar or it’s just a short flight away, try flights from Newcastle to Paris or flights London Paris with airfrance.

Paris is packed full of museums and art gallery’s, from huge world renowned museums and galleries to tiny back street undiscovered ones. There’s something for everyone and you can easily fill days if not weeks visiting the places of your choice.

The cafe culture trend is taking over the world right now, but the French are some of those who do it best, there’s nothing better than sitting on a cobbled street at a small French cafe, sipping a coffee and people watching!