For people looking for exotic romantic getaways with their partners, there are usually a few world destinations that come to mind. Paris and Rome, for instance, tend to headline most people’s thoughts of romantic travel. However, the truth is that there are dozens of cities around the world that are specifically appealing for couples looking to celebrate their love on vacation.

As we head toward the winter season and people begin eyeing potential travel plans for 2017, here are five such cities worth highlighting.

Quebec City, Canada


Quebec City is sometimes offered up as an alternative to European travel for people in North America. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a worthwhile destination for those looking to travel from Europe also! It’s a gorgeous city, and as a Homeaway article about budget destinations for couples put it, it’s full of “French flair” and Old World romance. That’s a nice way to describe the city, which is full of charming streets, romantic cafés, and scenic views of fascinating architecture and a cool, clean river. While it’s fairly large, the city can also feel a little bit calmer and more serene than some of the European cities it’s sometimes compared to. It’s simply a wonderful place to relax with your significant other.

Vienna, Austria


Vienna is one tremendous city that sometimes gets lost in the shadow of some of the aforementioned European giants of romantic travel. However, it did merit placement in the top-five on Lottoland’s list of ten of the best romantic getaways in the world. That list is theoretically aimed at aspiring Euro Millions lottery winners looking for extravagant travel options, yet it still notes relatively humble attractions—a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city, or a ride on a big urban ferris wheel—as its big draws. More than most, this is a city built for couples, and experiencing one of those kinds of attractions alongside someone you love can almost make you feel like you’re on a film set.

Patmos, Greece


The Greek islands can start to jumble together even as you begin researching them for travel possibilities. Most of the more famous ones—Santorini and Mykonos, for instance—tend to rise above the rest, but Patmos might be the better romantic getaway. Santorini is about physical beauty, postcard images and excess; Mykonos is about high-spirited activity, nightlife, and relaxation. But at Patmos, you can enjoy a majestic boat ride to the island and then explore ancient structures, dine romantically with the Aegean Sea in view, and stroll down secluded beaches.

Udaipur, India


It may be the most unexpected city on the list, but Udaipur, India offers unique charms for couples travelling abroad. Condé Nast actually included this western Indian getaway on its own list of the 16 most romantic places to stay in the world—specifically highlighting the Oberoi Udaivilas resort. There you can overlook one of the artificial but stunning lakes that are dotted throughout Udaipur, in addition to the breathtaking City Palace. This is a destination for couples who want to bask in extravagance or even feel a fantasy-infused sense of history, as if going back in time to a royal palace.

New York City, United States


Finally, there’s New York City, which is left off of romantic travel lists featuring other major world cities far too often. Sure, New York has its drawbacks: it invites extreme temperatures in the summer and winter; it’s crowded; and in certain areas, it can be a little bit dirty. But New York is considered by many to be the world’s greatest city for a reason! There’s almost nowhere else you could enjoy more spectacular sights, more shows and attractions, or more fine dining with the person you love. A great trip to New York should be carefully planned so that you can hit all of these highlights, but for those couples who like to be active and pack a lot into a vacation together, it’s a wonderful option.