I guess the title sums it up pretty well, i don’t normally do too much reviewing of actual businesses but my experience with Lucky Rentals was so bad i had to put it out there in the hope of stopping someone else from having the same experience in the future.

We rented a camper from Lucky Rentals in Perth for 8 nights, when we got the camper we were abit disappointed with the state of it, the campers are very worn, almost everything in it was scratched, broken or dirty but hey we figured as long as everything works we’ll be happy. A few nights in the pop top of the camp… which is the section where we were sleeping, broke. From then on the way Lucky campers dealt with the situation was appalling, refusing to give us proper compensation in the form of a partial refund, arguing with us that everything was our fault and that we were lying about what we had been told by different members of staff, and what had happened. Its honestly one of the worst experience I’ve ever had with any company while traveling. In the end they refused to give us anything more than a $50 refund and then went on to charge us $95 the following week for a Mechanic call out even though it explicitly states in their contract that it is their responsibility for the cost.

Overall we had a terrible terrible experience with them and are now taking it to the Dept of Commerce. It wasn’t until we had this bad experience that we looked at the reviews of Lucky campers and saw all the terrible reviews they had describing similar problems, with a suspiciously high number of reviews say they have had their credit card charged the week after returning the van for some bogus fee for cleaning, mechanic etc.



Trying to fix the pop top of our camper.