There are so truly famous cities in the USA, places like the skyscrapers of New York are without a doubt worth seeing but there are also some other cities worth visiting that don’t get mentioned quite so much!

Austin – Texas

Austin has an epic BBQ scene, with tones of amazing bbq restaurants you can take your pick of where you want to dine on some delicious pork ribs. If you’re a food and especially a meat lover like me you don’t have to go far to get your fix, some of the most famous venues being Franklins (The queues can be pretty insane here), Stiles Switch and Kerlin BBQ. But there’s more to Austin than just BBQ, there’s the magical swimming hole Hamilton Pool, created when land collapsed into an underground river, it’s a stunning spot for an afternoon swim. Then there’s the thriving music scene which Austin has become renowned for, catching a gig or just hitting up a local bar with some live music is a must.


Rock City – Georgia

Rock city is in Lookout Mountain and is well worth a trip, although located in Georgia Rock City is only a few miles from downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. Rock City is essential a group of ancient rock formations dating back 200 million years, you can explore by taking the trails, passing waterfalls and caves as you go, you’ll end up at the Lookout point, where you are rewarded with views as far as the eye can see, which happens to contain views of seven states!

Las Vegas – Nevada

Not quite off the beaten track but there’s a lot more to visit here than just the night clubs. Of course, you have to try your luck with a little gambling at some of the top casinos in the world. You can practice playing in online casino sites before traveling to increase your chances of winning. The history of casinos is in Las Vegas is rich. The city is actually known as the greatest casino destination in the United States.

There’s also a huge array of amazing restaurants and buffets on the go in Vegas, whatever kind of food you fancy, you’re guaranteed to find it. You can also visit the nearby Red Rock Canyon, which has a scenic drive and some excellent hiking trails.

Portland – Oregon

Portland is one of those buzzing cities that always feels alive with hipsters and creators, somewhere where you wander the streets, stopping in at places you like the look of and have th best time. Enjoy shopping and a stroll around the Saturday market, if you’re looking for a unique gift or some top-quality food truck snacks this is where you want to be! You can continue your wanderings in Portland Art Museum, showcasing everything from outdoor sculptures to historical pieces.


Toas – New Mexico

Toas gets over 300 days of sunshine per year, and is surrounded by huge areas of unchartered land, making it the ideal place to base an active holiday. The town has an evident Spanish influence and incredible scenery, this place is the perfect vacation destination!